• Süleyman ÇETİNSAYA - Chairman of the Board

    Born in Kayseri in 1954, Süleyman ÇETİNSAYA graduated from the Kayseri trade high school in 1971, and subsequently began trading in real estate in Istanbul. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Artas Holding, which has investments in sectors ranging from residential to organized retail, tourism to industry and renewable energy. Since 1977, Artas Holding, the roof company of Avrupakent GYO, has built residential buildings with many hotels, commercial and industrial centers, shopping centers and brands of "European Housing". For his services under social responsibility, he was awarded the CBT Outstanding Service Award and an honorary doctorate from the University of Erciyes.

  • Gökhan ÇETİNSAYA - Board Member

    Gökhan Çetinsaya was born in Istanbul in 1984. He graduated from the Department of Visual Communication at Bahçeşehir University. For more than 10 years, Gökhan Çetinsaya has been the director of both construction and post-delivery management of the European Housing project of the family company Artaş Holding. Gökhan is acting chairman of the board of Artaş Holding, which operates in the construction, real estate, tourism, retail and industry sectors, and has managed the country's leading real estate associations and foundations, including GYODER, KONUTDER, KENTSEV. It is ready with the platform Office brand and has invested in virtual office leasing as well.

  • Muhsin ERKOÇ - Board Member and General Manager

    Muhsin Erkoç graduated from the Department of Industrial Engineering at Marmara University in 2000. In 2003, he completed his master's degree in both Industrial Engineering and Electronic Commerce at Clemson University in the United States. Muhsin Erkoç has 21 years of experience as a manager in real estate and various sectors, and supports this experience with two post-graduate education degrees. He has served as a director of international and national firms with high business volumes. He has high experience in competitive environments, business development, building and managing high-performance teams, and supplier management. He has served as general manager of the Company since 2017.

  • Fatih Rüştü KAPLAN - Board Member

    Fatih Rüştü Kaplan completed his first, secondary and high school education in Istanbul. Fatih Rushtid Kaplan, who graduated in 2001 from the Department of Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Marmara University, earned his master's degrees by making double branches in the Financial Economics - Macro Economy and Financial Law - Tax Law Departments at the University of Marmara. His master's thesis (2004), Special Consumption Taxes and Turkey Practices, and his Proof and Comment (2003) in Tax Law are available. In 2002, Kaplan started his banking career with QNB Finansbank Inc., Koçbank Inc. and Akbank T.A.S., respectively. After working in the banking and financial sector, branch commercial banking, loan allocation teams, he served as a Joint Commercial Branch Director at Akbank in 2011. In the following years, he served as director of commercial banking marketing for the district and then the General Directorate. He has worked mainly in corporate, commercial, investment banking and project finance. In 2019, Kaplan became Head of the Financial Group at Akbank Bahçekapı Commercial Branch, ending a 20-year banking career in 2022. He also serves as a Board Member in Steel Rope and Tel Industries Inc., and is a Free Accountant Financial Counsel.

  • Vahdettin ERTAŞ - Independent Board Member

    Vahdettin Ertaş graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University in 1987, completing his master's degree in business administration at Hacettepe University in 1991. In 1996, he received an MBA from the University of Lancaster in England, and a PhD from Hacettepe University's Business Department in 2012. Following his graduation from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Vahdettin Ertas, an expert in 1991, was appointed Chairman of the Department of Corporate Investors, who in 1997 organized and ran the business and operations of the SEC, regulated investment funds and partnerships, real estate investment funds and partnerships, venture capital funds and individual pension funds. In April 2002-2005, he was the Chairman of the Association Finance Agency, which regulates and operates the activities and operations of publicly traded companies such as public releases, bond and similar capital market brokerage exports, mergers, divisions and calls. Vahdettin Ertas, who served as chairman of the Gold Exchange in 2005-2006, was appointed board member of the SPK in December 2006 and was appointed Chairman of the Board in December 2012 after completing his six-year term as Chairman of the Board. Vahedin Ertas, who completed his five-year term as President in December 2017, served as a member of the Tax Council, DASK Board of Directors, Chairman of the Investors' Compensation Fund, and five years as head of the fund, which comprised regulatory authorities in the capital market of 57 Islamic countries. Vahdettin Ertaş also taught graduate courses at the university. Vahdettin Ertas serves as Executive Board Member of the Turkish Stock Exchange, Nuh Cement Inc., Panora Real Estate Investment Partnership Inc., and ve Çelik Halat ve Tel Sanayi A.Ş..

  • Ferda BESLİ - Independent Board Member

    Born in the Army in 1958, Ferda Besli graduated from the Istanbul University School of Economics in 1985. Ferda Besli began his business in 1987 in Akbank T.A.S. and served in several history as Inspector, Branch Manager, Department of Corporate Banking, Department of Commercial Banking and Department of SME banking. From 2006 to 2011, Ferda Besli was deputy director general and was in charge of commercial banking, SME, project financing and cash management. During his banking period, he interned at Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt and studied marketing strategy at the London Business School. Again, he represented our country at meetings in Barcelona and Brussels, where solutions were being produced to increase SME access to funding, organized by the European Center for Policy Research (CEPS), one of the founders of the European Union. Ferda Besli retired in 2011 and founded Besfin Financial Services Inc. in the same year. Ferda Besli, currently Chairman of the Executive and Executive Board of this company, holds the Turkish Capital Markets Board Capital Market Operations Level 3 License, Credit Rating and Corporate Governance Ratings Licenses. TUSIAD worked as a member of the World Association of Futurists WFS, Chatham House, a think tank organization in the UK. He is fluent in English.

  • Şebnem ERGÜN - Independent Board Member

    Şebnem Ergun graduated from Ankara University Law School in 1986. After completing her counsel internship, she began her business in 1988 as an assistant legal specialist in the SEC and took the title of Specialist Jurist and Chief Justice, respectively. She also served for three years as Deputy Director of the Agency for the Financing of Partnerships. After retiring from the CBM in 2008, she began providing legal counsel to companies, holdings, companies and organizations that had a strong desire to open to the public, to provide legal counsel to individual and institutional investors, to establish independent legal reports on capital market law, corporations law, mergers and takeovers, partnership financing, the legal status of firms and shares in terms of their organization and activities. In 2017, she registered as a mediator in the Department of Justice. Capital Market Activities ,has a Level 3 License, an Enterprise Management Rating Expertise License, a Real Estate Assessment License, a Derivative Tools License, and Credit Rating Licenses. As a two-term Board Member of the Turkish Capital Markets Association, she served as a member of the Independent Board of Directors at New Gimat GYO Inc. for seven years, and as a Member of the Advisory Board during the founding period of the Istanbul Arbitration Center. Currently a board member at Anatolian Life Retirement Inc., Şebnem Ergun is also a member of the Independent Board of Governors of the Avrupakent GYO.

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