The Avrupakent GYO, founded in 1977, works in real estate development, leasing, business administration within the framework of Artas Holding, which operates the residential, retail, tourism, industrial and renewable energy sectors.

Thanks to our strategy for sustainable growth and our understanding of customer satisfaction-driven work, Avrupakent GYO today has been one of our country's most important GYOs, with its portfolio of skilled tenant mix and high occupancy rates, all of which it manages. Our continuous growth, ever-increasing efficiency, greater employment and higher contributions to the economy of our company, as it has been until now, will remain our highest priority ...

As the Avrupakent GYO, we continue to offer privileged habitats through our housing projects, while also adding value to the tourism industry through cozy structures that we design. Meanwhile, our Mall investments continue to satisfy millions of people with the world brands involved, and provide value-added value for the economy. We have been steadily increasing in every area where we operate, and we are taking fruitful and reliable steps into the future with different investments.

With all the jobs we do, our qualified human resource — our experience, our national and international awareness and credibility — we look forward to a far more confident and hopeful future, to be able to generate more benefits for our beautiful country and all of our stakeholders.

With respect and greetings,

Süleyman Çetinsaya
Avrupakent Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş.
Chairman of the Board

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